Chanel Le Blanc Sérum: Review

Quick review today because I’ve just run out of my Le Blanc Sérum (subtitled “Healthy Light Creator”). Quick because all there is to it is that I love it – which surprised even me, considering that I had very little success previously with the Crème from the line.

Anyway, the Le Blanc Sérum is a 2017 spring release from Chanel, part of the Énergies et Puretés collection. It includes the Le Blanc Compact Foundation (review another time), some of my current favourite eyeshadow quads, and the standard host of nail polish and lipstick additions.

On the skincare front are the serum and a new UV Essentiel Gel-Creme (SPF50). But on to the serum. Its primary goal and promise is brightening and whitening – true to its name – and it delivers very nicely overall. Now, Chanel is one of those brands with the budget and financial muscle to do its own R&D and trademark their own complexes and formulas. Which is exciting because it means you’re getting something uniquely developed, but simultaneously dubious because the company can easily make bullshit claims.

With the Le Blanc range, that contender is the TXC. Chanel have cleverly trademarked it so it appears in the ingredient list as something like ‘TXC’ but quick research easily yields that its main active is tranexamic acid. Tranexamic acid apparently has a pretty good record as a skin lightener, though only quite recently been in use cosmetically. Chanel obviously throws in pearls and the like – but I’ll skip over those because they’re not proven ingredients with much scientific review and affirmation.

After continuous use for a month after less successful brightening serums, I found that the Le Blanc actually does deliver on its promise. It’s fabulous anyway on the hydrating and moisturising front with a great gel texture that spreads easily, absorbs very quickly and leaves a not too tacky film on the skin – great for following up with a heavier cream for night or makeup for day use. The serum is lightweight enough for slightly oily skins and younger skins. If you have older skin, I would suggest following with a richer cream as an emollient layer. It should be said, though, that the brightening effect from Chanel isn’t a dramatic type that will lighten dark spots or blemishes very visibly. It instead gives the skin an overall healthier and more radiant quality. I used two pumps day and night and it kept my skin very soft, happy and visibly better rested.

There tends to be a lot of concern about the fragrance in Chanel’s skincare, but it’s very well-tempered in this serum. That is, the scent is subtle enough to add to the sensory experience without ever making you feel like you’re choking on perfumed gel instead of massaging on high-performing skincare.

Overall, it’s fabulous, I love it and were I not working through other products to try, I would definitely repurchase. The only concern I would bring up is that if your skin is dehydrated like mine, you will need at least two pumps to cover the face and neck sufficiently which means you will run through this product pretty damn quick. I’d wager two months of continuous use before you have to run out and replace it. Though for what it’s worth and if you can comfortably consider Chanel skincare, it’s great.

Photo from Chanel.

Le Blanc Sérum Healthy Light Creator is S$186 for 30ml, and available at all Chanel beauty counters. 



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