Dress Like a Friend – Ami Paris Spring/Summer 2017

Ami Paris is the best thing in menswear today – it’s squarely beautiful and certainly designer-made, without being dogged by the haute pretensions of luxury.  

I am irrevocably sold on Alexandre Mattiussi’s vision of men’s clothing. The extremely talented designer is an alumni of brands like Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy – so obviously the chops are there. What’s most refreshing is the honest and simple way he’s approaching staples and making them attractive and cool.

It’s that exact kind of nonchalance and ease that used to earmark the attractiveness of brands like A.P.C, Isabel Marant and Sandro. You weren’t so much getting fashion as you were the clothes perhaps a very stylish friend might wear and is sharing. Even Mattiussi’s method of showing some of his pieces on women feels sincerely wonderful. There’s always a small coterie of beautiful girls in menswear that is one of the most convincing versions of borrowing from each other’s wardrobes – male or female you’re bound to be chic in Ami.

Anyway, Spring/Summer 2017 is as usual a very strong season for the brand. Its retail presence around the world is growing and it’s become one of those in-the-know brands that’s quietly finding its way into everybody’s wardrobes. The choice of location with its open windows and dancing drapes is a genius visual and atmospheric move, and the video by Loïc Prigent is, as always, perfect.

Downside to this love is that only Club21b stocks the brand here – and very few pieces. Imagination and improvisation will have to make do to recreate these runway looks.


At the moment, I’m crazy about these striped tops. The dusty mustard is perfect – a muted pop of colour. They’re bit hard to find on the high street/fast fashion circuit but the closest thing is to just get hits of yellow. Pant-wise, I’m sorely on the hunt for relaxed-fitting double pleats. All this worn with trainers and a looped over belt – perfect.

To get a better idea of the brand, I found that Loïc Prigent’s short film from the Fall/Winter 2015 show season is great. Alexandre is really starting to take Ami international at the time, and it’s a gorgeous mix of unfairly good looking models (seeing Felix Gesnouin explain a tattoo is particularly cute) and the earnest personality of Alexandre as he prepares for the show.



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