Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask: Review

Of the three new mineral masks from Vichy’s lineup, the Double Glow Peel offers the most convenient blend of physical and chemical exfoliation.

Now, your needs may vary but I daresay exfoliation is a skincare step crucial to everybody. In order for skin to truly be radiant and glowing, dead skin must first be sloughed off. We’ve got, in general, two ways of going about this: physical scrubs or acid peels. The former is straightforward, but the latter is interesting because of its deeper-reaching benefits. It’s easily best, though, when both are used in happy tandem.

The new Double Glow Peel Mask ($39 for 75ml) from Vichy is a slippery gel-like mask made with a host of fruit extract-derived alpha hydroxy acids, volcanic rock exfoliants, a tiny dose of brightening Vitamin C and the brand’s pH balancing thermal water. Already, that sounds like a recipe for success.

Double Glow Peel Mask’s AHAs are derived from sugarcane (glycolic acid), lemon fruit (citric acid), and sugar maple extracts. These work to very gently exfoliate the skin on a chemical level, and have the added benefits of brightening and firming skin. These are all combined with the inclusion of volcanic rock. In Double Glow, it comes in a very fine and almost powdery pumice form that’s incredibly kind and gentle to the skin.

The best way to use this mask is to slap a generous dose on, leave it to soak slightly for the first 5 to 10 minutes – this is for the AHAs to take action. Afterwards, dampen slightly and massage to let the volcanic pumice do its job and mechanically slough off the dead skin. Follow with a rinse and you’re good to go. I found it worked very well – it makes a very simple promise, after all. It’s got a straightforward and effective formulation that focuses on delivering the exfoliation process in full, along with a comfortable gel texture that makes it easy to apply, massage with, and rinse off.


There are two other masks in the line: a Pore Purifying Clay and Quenching Mineral one (both are $39 for 75ml). The first is a great volcanic clay mask type that’s big on its kaolin and bentonite with a helpful dose of aloe vera to calm skin. It works and, admittedly, has a very enjoyably smooth and pliable texture but it’s nothing new where such products are concerned. Quenching Mineral is similarly uninspiring – plenty of hydrating masks and products already exist. Which isn’t to say that they’re bad products. The Double Glow Peel Mask is just the most compelling of the lot.


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