Fendi Lei Bag: a New Crush

I’ve got a new bag love and it’s, surprisingly, a Fendi one.

Now, I think Silvia Venturini Fendi is an exceptionally talented accessories and menswear designer. She’s made the bag bugs and the brand so relevant to a modern audience… but design-wise, I feel like the Milanese brand hasn’t had a real hit since the Baguette. Sure there’s the 1-2-3-4-whatever-number-it’s-at-now-Jours, the By the Way, Baguette variations, Dot Com, etc etc. All playfully named and nice enough, but nothing that really wowed me and incited desire.

But it’s perhaps a little telling of my own tastes that the one I noticed and liked is a very simple design. The Lei is a simple Boston bag type of shape, with a top handle and shoulder strap, sloping top closure and perfectly considered tabs on the side. It’s got a beautiful slouch to it not dissimilar to my Loewe Puzzle bag, but it’s a cleaner overall design. I think it’s fabulous and classic without being boring or ridiculously fashion-y – whipstitched or plain. I hesitate to wish it came in more colours because I’d invariably go for black in the face of choice, but the toffee, gray and rope colourways are a great match to the shape.


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