Beauty Busy-Body: the Pros Speak Out

Makeup artist favourites, Wendy Rowe’s bathroom, and an edit of on set staples.

All (fashion) roads lead back to beauty – sort of. I was researching Christopher Bailey today to prepare for my interview with him. Interesting insights about the man and the brand Burberry, but I’m saving those thoughts and discoveries for print.

Anyway, what impressed me was his involvement in the development of Burberry Beauty. The brand’s recently been on a very successful move towards buying back its licenses, which meant taking back its fragrance division from Interparfums. This means makeup and perfumes are now produced and distributed by the principal brand – no mean feat. The only other fashion brand that really does this is Chanel and Dior – mammoths as far as the prestige beauty industry goes.

What was most interesting to me was seeing a video of Christopher in an interview about the makeup line and being able to speak very confidently and fluently in the language of beauty. Mimma Viglezio called him a ‘modern day renaissance man’ who’s just as comfortable talking fashion design and makeup as he is discussing fiscal figures.

That, of course, led me to looking up Wendy Rowe who is responsible for developing the line. Sali Hughes, thankfully, did a great video of Wendy in her bathroom talking about diet and product product product.

I’ve been working on a story with 10 Singaporean makeup artists and it’s been just as interesting to sort of get to know their starts, working methods, inspiration sources, approaches, etc. Very varied and inspiring and mostly a reminder of the importance of hard work and learning on the job. Think I might put those quotes together soon and have them up. Some of them are too good not to share, but hard to fit into a photospread in print.

The image above is what I roughly remember seeing all the time on set and heavily recommended by makeup artists. Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Smoky Extravagant mascara for waterproof volume and length; Water Blend Face & Body foundation for really skin-like base; YSL Beauty’s Le Cushion Encre de Peau for a more convenient packaging of a really fantastic foundation; Stila Convertible Colour for truly multipurpose pigment for cheeks, lips, eyes and wherever else; Sisley Black Rose oil for instant plumping and makeup readiness (though perhaps more a recommendation than truly on set staple because of its price); and the eternal Les Beiges powder from Chanel for health in a swipe. All of it, I imagine, would look interminably chic in a mustard Bolide pouch from Hermès. But that’s just me.


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