How to Use a Push Liner Brush

Directions courtesy of Jane Richardson of Nars Cosmetics.

Here’s a video I did while behind the scenes for L’Officiel Singapore’s February issue beauty shoot. We were so lucky to have the talented Jane Richardson from NARS in town for Singapore Fashion Week and the fortune to nab her for a spread. I was filming this and sort of playing by ear when she pulled out this trick and I had to get her to explain it once more. Great way of understanding how exactly to use a push liner brush – which I normally use instead as a lip brush because of the squared edges.

From the post:

“In a bid to demystify the many things in beauty, we’re enlisting the help of professionals. First order of business: brushes. No two brands do a powder brush the same, ditto foundation, ditto eyeshadow, ditto eyeliner. But if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that push liners brush are confusing.”

It’s flat, it’s squared off, and contrary to its name, isn’t very helpful at making a precise winged eye happen. Enter the truth, as told to us by Jane Richardson, International Lead Stylist at Nars Cosmetics who’s done the faces of the likes of Tilda Swinton.

In her words, it comes into its own when “you’re either just using mascara or want to create a look for your lashes to look thicker and you don’t necessarily want to do a line”. Essentially, the brush helps you wiggle and sneak eyeliner into the very roots of the lashes for a subtle thickening effect.

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