Diptyque Rosa Mundi Valentine’s Day Limited Edition

Trust Diptyque to make Valentine’s Gifting so artful and beautiful.

To celebrate the romantic occasion, the French fragrance brand has teamed up with Antoinette Poisson, a trio passionate about the restoration of wallpaper and decorations.

Enter the Rosa Mundi collection, inspired by the craft of Domino paper. A quick primer: Domino paper was popular predominantly in the 18th century, and was a painstaking and artful mode of decorative art. It involves figurative motifs and geometric patterns in a range of punchy or delicate styles hand printed on pure chiffon paper. When they’re framed, they can be used as standalone paintings or combined to cover the expanses of interior walls.

A selection of Domino paper prints by Antoinette Poisson.
A selection of Domino paper prints by Antoinette Poisson.


Rosa Mundi 110g candle

Diptyque has worked with the three from Antoinette Poisson, a cool young French company intent on bringing back these loving crafts. They’ve come up with a floral motif to illustrate the heart of the Rosa Mundi scent: Damask and Centifolia rose. The specially crafted paper on which these are printed are made with very long fibres which allows the light from a lit candle to shine through ever so slightly. Think of it as a lit from within effect.


Rosa Mundi Scented Oval 35g

The limited edition collection will include the Rosa Mundi candles in their 70g ($55), 190g ($110), and a scented oval ($80) – which are all available from escentials Paragon, TANG Plaza, and their newly launched web store.


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